Urodynamic testing results are available at Total Care for Women

Getting the Right Treatment for Your Bladder Problem Starts With Having the Right Tests.


What Is A Urodynamic Study?

 A Urodynamic Study is actually a SERIES of tests designed to thoroughly evaluate bladder and urethral function. In order to understand every detail of your bladder problem, these tests record very precise scientific data on your bladder’s ability to store and empty urine.

Why Do I Need A Urodynamic Study?


Total Care for Women conducts these studies to evaluate leaking urine, diffi culty emptying the bladder, frequent urination, recurrent infections, blood in the urine and loss of bladder support.

What Can I Expect?

Depending on your situation and our diagnostic needs, you may have one or more of these individual tests that comprise a Urodynamic Study:

  • Uroflowmetry - Measures how well you emptyyour bladder.
  • Cystometry – Evaluates bladder storage.
  • Urethral Pressure Study – Determines how well the urethra closes.
  • Electromyography – Assesses the muscle behaviors involved in urination.
  • Pressure Flow Study – Helps us separate pressure problems from muscle dysfunction.




What About My Test Results?


Your test results  will be interpretted by the specialists in the Bladder Health Network (BHN).

  • Prior to the testing date, your insurance carrier will certify insurance coverage to prevent  undue out of pocket expense. BHN will not accept Medicaide.
  • Your testing appointment is scheduled  on  Wednesday of a work week . A skilled female urodynamic  agent from the Bladder Health Network will perform the testing in a dedicated  room at our facility.
  • Your tests will be interpreted by Jackson, Ms based worldclass Urogynecologists at the Bladder Health Network (BHN). Dr. S. Speight and Dr. Robert  Harris provide unsurpassed competance and a large network volume of urodynamic testing in the country. They will bill your insurance  carrier.
  • Your report will be sent via the network connection to the Greenway Primepractice Suite electronic medical record at Total Care for Women usually with one week.
  • Your next appointment with Dr.Purdy will be arranged for follow up consultation and treatment option planning.