LASER Procedures:Office based or Outpatient procedure

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CO2RE Intima Laser


Laser is an acronym. The definition is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Light is an electromagnetic physical property that is stimulated and amplified. The light is  released in a coherent (narrow column that does not spread apart with distance) beam. The power is in the narow beam physics. Dr. Purdy uses the invisible wavelength of carbon dioxide emissions. The power is rated in Watts and the power density is in centimeters over an area.


 The medical use of the carbon dioxide laser is treatment of surface tissue - the skin and moist tissue surfaces such as the vulva and vagina. The carbon dioxide laser is not used for deep tissue penetration. The target tissue is vaporized as the laser beam heats the water in the cells and vaporizes the cells in the tissue into steam.


 An example of carbon dioxide therapy is Laser cone excision on the cervix--heat from a high-intensity beam of light is used to cut away abnormal tissue. The depth of the excision is controlled by the amount of time the beam is on the target tissue. This is called dwell or duration time. The doctor is able to control the amount of Watts used and the time over the target such as the vulva, vagina or cervix. Anesthesia is required for this high intensity surgery since the temperature in the beam averages 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The size of the beam is usually 2 mm diameter.  The beam is aimed by a parallel aiming laser - usually Helium/Neon that produces a red visible light over the target tissue. This is very safe and precise therapy. This is bloodless surgery and the coherent light energy reduces colateral damage - hence no additional damage away from the target site. This limited therapy is very important in reduction of surrounding tissue damage and results in excellent healing! Usually no suturing is required. There is very little post operative scarring.


 Dr. Purdy has used lasers for over 40 years. He was the first doctor in East Mississippi to use the office carbon dioxide laser. The Colpolase laser by Johnson and Johnson company was used  in the office to treat cervical dysplasia in the late 1970's at Rush Medical Group, P.A. in Meridian, Ms. The current carbon dioxide laser is located in the Rush Hospital operating room.

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The laser application that require local or general anesthesia includes:


       1) treatment of vulvar and perianal condyloma accuminata (veneral warts)

       2) ablation of vulvar cancers

       3) small skin polyps

       4) vaginal lesions

       5) cervical dysplasia and precancer disease condition

       6) laser targeting of internal pelvic organs via laparoscopy ie endometriosis


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CO2RE INTIMA by Syneron-Candella




      The laser application that requires no local or general anesthesia include:

       1) Vagina and Vulvar rejuvenation

       2) Reduce overactive bladder conditions


CO2RE INTIMA is an office based laser that is used on the vagina and vulva. The fusion carbon dioxide laser is limited to a much lower wattage and the depth is 470 microns with area coverage of 5 percent with each laser targeting. The physician controls the target tissue sites and number of pulses for treatment. The energy level is 50 mJoules or Watts. This very low dosing of laser pulses produces a rejuvenation effect on the tissue.  There is no sensation of pain as a result of the coherent light and low energy level. No anesthesia is required. CO2RE INTIMA is performed by Dr. Purdy in the Wellness Center at Pampered Bodies Day Spa.


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